VaxON is an online resource designed to make it easy for those in Ontario’s COVID-19 hot spots to locate and book an appointment at a nearby vaccine clinic.

Information about fixed and mobile pop-up vaccine clinics is scattered around the web. To access the latest up-to-date information about clinics in my area, I had to sift through various healthcare and government websites and attempt to track down information on Twitter when it was available. I was surprised to find there was no centralized hub for this vital information, so I decided to make one.

Following a few days and nights of meticulous gathering and organization of information from all 114 Ontario hot spots, I’m happy to release VaxON to the public. It provides an easy way to find all vaccine clinics offering appointments for your postal code, and provides further details like eligibility by age group and other pertinent information, all in one place.

Information is updated daily as new clinics are announced. Please note that this project is maintained by one person, and as such, real-time changes may not be reflected immediately. If you notice something that’s missing or inaccurate, kindly drop a line to spencer@vaxon.ca.